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Explore 1500 years of history under one roof, put together by one man
40000 artifacts, Countless amazing stories.

Victor Hugo Gomes’ love for Goa and his passion for collecting has culminated in this 30-year labour of love that houses valuable artifacts of Goa’s rich heritage and culture. 

In the last 30 years, Victor has unearthed these pieces of history that lay scattered in the villages of Goa, on the verge of being irretrievably lost, and has painstakingly restored each one of them it, offering rare insights into the ethnography of Goa. What began as a private collection of a few hundred objects has now grown to over 40,000 artifacts. 

The Museums are a tribute by Victor to his ancestors and celebrate their wisdom, creativity, and sensitivity to their environment. It is Victor’s hope that his Museums be a learning laboratory for students and researchers, and one that will inspire and model a better, sustainable future. 

Our exhibits, activities and experiential learning programs, volunteers and staff share our collections and knowledge with thousands of visitors every year, deepening their appreciation for our rich heritage, history, culture, and our present-day challenges. 

Visit our Museums that have been featured as aMust See” place by TIME International and a "Hidden Gem" by National Geographic Traveller magazine.

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