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Experiential Learning

Immerse yourself in the culture, traditions, environment and people of Goa; Witness first-hand our rich heritage and legacy.

We welcome students as well as adults across all fields who are interested in learning about Goa and support our mission. We aim to create and deliver world-class cultural learning experiences for all ages and groups. 

Our programs are customised to enhance each individual’s learning with a range of activities to culminate in a holistic learning experience that goes beyond four walls, including heritage trails, creative workshops, art exhibitions, organic farming, town visits, debates and discussions with experts, live demonstrations and performances, and more. 

This is an opportunity to explore a unique culture and be a part of it, engage with local communities, witness the wisdom of our ancestors, document history, and make unexpected connections. 

Whether you want to be inspired by culture and history or want to gain new skills and experiences, we have a world of opportunities waiting for you!

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Research & Documentation

The Goa Chitra Museums have diverse spectrum of opportunities for researchers across all academic disciplines

Research at our Museums promotes the understanding and care for our collections, and encourages people to learn, appreciate and be inspired by our history through the collections. 
We welcome students, scholars and professionals from around the world who are interested in utilising the collections and facilities for on-site research and study. 

The Goa Chitra Museums have a diverse spectrum of opportunities for researchers across all academic disciplines, be it art, history, environmental studies, social sciences or museology. 
Researchers work closely with the Founder and Curator Victor Hugo Gomes and with the staff. Additionally, they are privy to exclusive events happening at the Museum during their research period including our activities like Goan Quest, Cultural Weekends, Thought Cafe, excursions and more. 
Since 2010, the Goa Chitra House of Culture and Heritage has supported over 50 researchers, including students, and have been inspired by the work of Victor Hugo Gomes. 

How to Apply
All researchers, whether visiting or full-time, must write a statement of interest with details about their field of research, the collections they would like to explore, duration and what they hope to achieve from it. 

This statement must be emailed to research@victorhugogomes.com


We seek to work closely with educational institutions with the aim of creating a new generation of well-informed and culturally-sensitive individuals.

To supplement classroom learning, we encourage people from all groups and fields to intern with us based on their area of interest. Whether it is conservation, culture, art, history, events, marketing, museum practices or just to learn about Goa, every intern’s plan is customised to further their academic, professional and philanthropic objectives. 
We have hosted interns from Deccan College, Pune; FLAME University, Pune; National Institute of Technology, Chennai; New York University; University of Heidelberg, Germany; Bologna University, Italy; University of Milan; University of East Anglia, UK, and have collaborated for an 18-credit semester program with Carleton University, Minnesota. 
Interns receive free admission to the museums and events, workshops, and activities happening at the time of their internship. They work closely with the Founder and Curator Victor Hugo Gomes to understand the mission of the museums, and connect with the rich culture and heritage of Goa. 

Testimonial Quote from Intern

How to Apply: 
All applications must include a cover letter and CV sent to internships@victorhugogomes.com 
The cover letter must state your area of interest, duration of the internship, a detailed plan for what you will do during your internship and what you hope to achieve from it. 

Internship duration: Minimum 7 days

Kids Summer Camp

A summer of learning, exploration and adventure!

For kids of ages 7-16, our summer camps use fun, hands-on learning, and heritage trails to inspire children to enrich the future by learning about our rich past. 
Founder Victor Hugo Gomes has specially designed our camps with exciting and fun-filled activities where children can explore our Museums, interact with historical objects, cultural artifacts and age-old traditions, and learn history, crafts and life-skills. 
Our campers get hands-on with history through workshops, games, live demonstrations, exhibitions, guest speakers, and road trips and heritage trails for 2 weeks. 

How will this help my child? 
Our camps have been thoughtfully planned keeping in mind the need for children to connect with their roots, learn about their heritage and culture and take pride in it. It is what sets them apart from other kids and instills a sense of confidence and curiosity. 
The camp is designed to enrich each child’s development with activities that promote experiential learning through workshops, live exhibitions, adventure trails, etc., helping children to learn life-long lessons. 
This is an opportunity for children to learn valuable lessons even outside the classrooms and be inspired by history. 
Children will be encouraged to think independently and creatively, take up a new hobby, debate, and socialise with other children, in addition to gaining self-confidence and developing their knowledge and communication skills. 

Priority Registration for Mini-Members of our Kids Club
For queries or more information, contact 

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