Goa Cruthi

Step into Goa’s colonial past; discover the wonders of its people

Goa Cruthi celebrates creativity and ingenuity and is a tribute to Goan craftsmanship. 

This collection of ‘Cruthi’ (meaning ‘work’) documents the lifestyle of the people of the land and the lesser known legal and medical history of Goa, dating back to the 16th century.

Every artifact in this collection carries a narrative and a memory, and is an important manifestation of identity for individuals and communities. 
Goa’s long colonial history reflects in the unique designs that lent a European touch to Indian art and architecture, visible in the exotic designs on traditional furniture and crockery on display here. 

There are almirahs, tables, resting chairs, kissing chairs, chests, ceramics and glassware, cutlery, guns, clocks, ornaments and costumes - all of which were common items used in a household. The collection extends to Chinese and German crockery, a South-African chair, western musical instruments, games, coins and masks from various countries, in addition to the homeland collection.

A section of the museum that highlights Goa’s legal history has a lawyer’s desk with stamps and a typewriter, photographs of Goans appointed as judges during Portuguese rule, fish-cards with pronounced judgements and all government gazettes since 1961, unique only to Victor Hugo Gomes’ collection.

The medical gallery has rare, traditional instruments used in surgery, ENT, pharmacy, dentistry and maternity care, with equipment from Asia’s 1st medical institution in 1801- Goa Medical College. It also gives an insight into Goa’s age-long campaign against diseases and illnesses. 
With its unique collection and precise documentation, Goa Cruthi, is set to impress all standards of Indian museums, allowing you an insight into what differentiates Goa from the rest of India. Established in 2016, it is the third museum in Victor Hugo Gomes’ collection. 


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