Goa Chitra

Discover a treasure-trove of Goa’s rich agrarian past

From the traditional oil grinder to clay utensils and ploughing tools, Goa Chitra houses a unique collection of traditional agricultural implements and other ancient tools and inventions of Goa’s early farming communities. 

This ethnographic museum was built by the founder as a tribute to his ancestors, their wisdom, and their way of life. What began as a private collection of 200 items, now displays over 4000 objects that represent the people’s lifestyle, their indigenous methods, craftsmanship, and appreciation of their environment. 

The collection goes beyond displaying Goa’s agricultural tools and highlights how people used implements and practices that served nature and were environmentally safe and sustainable. In today’s agronomy, individuals and businesses have lost sight of these values, making this collection even more important to understand and share. 

Set against the backdrop of a traditional functioning organic farm, this Museum exhibits Goa’s rich agrarian past in its entirety and demonstrates the efficient tools developed by older communities to meet their needs, without causing harm to nature.
At the heart of the museum’s credo, is the drive to preserve and show the wisdom of our ancestors which would otherwise be irretrievably lost, and share it with our younger generation to create awareness and inspire them. 

All the objects of this collection have their narratives attached to it, and memories of a simpler time. Each artifact on display is supplemented by oral histories information obtained from the community elders when it was collected by Victor Hugo Gomes over the course of 20 years.  

"We are dying as a society and once we have lost our old technologies it means we regress to primitivity. My aim is to put our heritage and indigenous technology on the world map and the museum should create a sense of pride for our culture among our youth.”


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