Goa Chakra

A Moving Experience in our Pursuit for Speed

Journey back in time and discover the dramatic, authentic and personal stories of Indian ingenuity and self-sufficiency, and of social change and evolution, pivoted by the ‘Chakra’.
India’s first transportation museum, Goa Chakra (The Museum of Wheels), is home to over 70 non-mechanised indigenous carts, palanquins, cradles, temple chariots, gypsy caravans, dowry-chests on wheels and other carriages historically used across the country at various eras. It reveals India’s progressive history of success in the modern industrial age. 

Each cart and carriage was personally obtained by founder and curator Victor Hugo Gomes from owners who had abandoned them in their backyards or from the storehouses and dump yards of antique dealers in different states like Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Kerala, and was documented, reassembled, and restored to its original glory at Goa Chakra.

The collection has special relevance for a country which bears a wheel- the Ashoka Chakra, at the very centre of its national flag. This wheel—of the law of dharma (virtue) and satya (truth) —was conceived as the guiding principle for those who pledge allegiance to the nation. The Chakra also represents motion and the belief that there is death in stagnation, and life in movement.

Goa Chakra embodies and celebrates the wisdom of our ancestors, their creativity and eye for detail, and their love for beauty and art.

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